What is the cost of dehorning a goat?

Every goat owner must remember that you should only dehorn a goat knowing the procedure. Before dehorning an adult goat, one must learn the process, complications, and problems.

This can be helpful for goats’ health, and you can learn the details from the below article.

What is dehorning a goat?

Once a goat gets the horn buds, removing the horns or horn tissues from the goat is called dehorning a goat. Typically the horn buds are formed when the calves are around two months.

The sinus grows with the horn bud, and when we remove it now, there is a high chance of an increase in infection.

Materials needed to dehorn a goat

The blood flow in the horns is high for adult goats, and there can be heavy blood loss when dehorning. You can prevent blood flow by using coagulants or clamps.

It would help to use an insect spray to protect the flies and insects from the sinuses.

When is the right time to dehorn a goat?

The best time for dehorning a goat is when the goat is two months old. This is because when the goat becomes an adult, it will become difficult to remove the horns because of the blood loss.

This causes pain for the goat and damages the goat’s health condition. You have to immediately dehorn the goat if you do not disbud it at its early stage.

The major problem is that removing the horn from the skull is difficult without pain. With heavy blood loss, the goat can die without immediate measures. The best time to disbud is when the baby is four days to 14 days.

What is the reason for dehorning a goat?

There are no scientific advantages to dehorning a goat-like the improvement of a goat’s health and productivity. By dehorning, you can prevent others from getting hurt by the goat.

Horns are the weapons for the goats, and they use them when they are aggressive. Farmers decide to dehorn the goats to protect themselves and their children from attack.

Difference between Disbudding and Dehorning

The horns always threaten humans; they can only avoid the attacks by dehorning them early.

How much does it cost to dehorn a goat?

Dehorning a goat is not very expensive, but it is one of the most complicated measures for goats. There is no certain cost for dehorning because many factors depend on the charges.

The costs are affected by the goat’s age, length of the horn, health condition, etc. The charges of an experienced veterinarian are more than an inexperienced one.

The average cost for a child goat starts from $5, and for an adult, one starts from $15.

Right time to dehorn a goat

If you have experience, you can dehorn your goat independently. Still, you should consult a professional veterinarian if you need more experience.

Materials needed to dehorn a goat:

There are some materials that you need for dehorning a goat. They are,

  • Dehorning iron
  • Baby holding box
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Sharp knife
  • Anesthetics are non-steroidal and non-inflammatory drugs.
  • Tetanus antitoxin injection

Steps for dehorning a goat:

If you need clarification about the process for dehorning a goat, follow the steps below. The detailed steps give you an idea of dehorning, which cannot harm the goats and remove the horns without pain. They are,

Choose the right dehorning method:

Dehorning the goats have many methods electrical, chemical, and mechanical. In the electrical dehorning method, the horns can remove using an electrical dehorned.

We use hot irons, backsaw, wires, gougers, etc., to dehorn the goats for a mechanical dehorning method.

The hot iron method is best for baby goats below three weeks as it is less painful and speeds up recovery. This is also one of the cheapest methods of dehorning.

Collect all the materials:

For dehorning a goat, you must have some materials like knives, gloves, etc. Below is the material.

Get rid of hairs near the horn buds:

You will find unwanted fur or hair near the horn buds for baby and adult goats. To avoid trouble while dehorning, get rid of the hairs before dehorning.

Heat the iron:

You have to heat the dehorning iron for at least 10 minutes so that there will be a smooth cut. Meanwhile, place the goat in a disbudding box comfortably for de-budding.

Test the heat:

Before dehorning, check whether the iron is hot enough or not. Check the heat by cutting a piece of wood. If it cuts the wood in 2 seconds, it is hot enough.

Apply hot iron on the horn buds:

Take the iron and gently place the ring on the horn bud. Once you find the right position, rotate the iron clockwise for 4-5 seconds. After completing the first horn, follow the same step for the second horn.

Cut the bud:

Now take a knife in your hands and cut the buds by tracing the lines from the hot iron. Ensure you cut the horn buds from the base so they don’t grow back.

Sometimes, there is a chance for bleeding, so do not panic and complete the process.

Stop the bleeding:

You have cauterized the bleeding area to stop the bleeding because it is harmful to the goat’s health.

Give pain relievers:

Give the baby goat the pain relievers and stop the bleeding from the buds.

Difference between Disbudding and Dehorning:

Both disbudding and dehorning are done to a goat. Disbudding means removing the buds of horns before they are attached to a goat’s skull.

This process is done before two months. At the same time, dehorning a goat means removing the horns of a goat after the horns are attached to the skull.

This is a painful and complicated process that also includes bleeding. This process has done when the owners fail to do the disbudding.


Dehorning a goat means removing its horns after they attach to the skull. Dehorning is a painful process where there is a high chance of bleeding.

This is not preferable because this causes lots of pain to a goat. You should only dehorn your goats if you are confident and experienced. Consult a veterinarian to do the procedure.


What is dehorning?

Dehorning a goat is removing the horns of an adult goat if the owner fails to disbud the horns at an early stage.

When is the right time to dehorn a goat?

The right time to dehorn and disbud is when the baby goat is 4 to 14 days, and it is best before two months.

What is the cost of dehorning?

The dehorning costs $5 for a baby goat and $15 for an adult goat.

How many days does a goat take to heal from dehorning?

The average time goats take to heal from dehorning is 3-4 weeks. But in some cases, goats can take up to 6 weeks.

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