How does Cow Milking Machine work?

After asking the question, How does a Cow Milking machine work? The answer will always be simple. The vacuum tubes are attached to the cow’s udders, but it can be challenging to make them work. You need to follow a complicated step to get the milk from the cows using this machine. Go thoroughly through this article below to learn the steps you must follow.

What is a Cow Milking Machine?

A Cow Milking Machine is used to milk animals like cows, goats, sheep, etc. This machine helps to improve the efficiency of milking as it gives milk faster to cows, sheep, and goats. With proper installation and maintenance, milking with the machine doesn’t hurt the cows’ udders. There are three types of milking machines or systems, and they are,

  • Portable Milking Machines
  • Born Milking systems
  • Milking Parlours

A typical machine has these basic parts like Pulsator, Teacup shells, milk receptacle, vacuum tank, vacuum pump, and gauge and regulator.

How does a Cow Milking Machine work?

Cow Milking Machine

You can milk a cow by hand and using a machine, but by hand requires lots of physical labor. Both processes need learning, but milking a cow through a Cow Milking machine is easy. The machine’s complexity changes as per the size of the dairy plant, and the below steps are to milk the cow.


Check the machine thoroughly to see whether it is clean or not. Regular maintenance of the machine makes it work longer and faster. After one use, clean the machine because the raw milk left on the machine might dry and stick to its walls. This can increase the dirt and foreign particle attracted to the walls of the machine.

After cleaning, disinfection for the pipes, tank, suction cups, and other parts are necessary.


Attach the tubes and piper to the machine correctly because it will not create a vacuum seal if not properly connected. The O-ring of the lid has to be placed perfectly to the lid creating a vacuum seal.


Make the cow stand in the sanction with some green grass. If there is a specific schedule, the cow automatically stands near its stand and grazes happily. If not, take the cow near the stand and feed them with the green grass.


Clean the teats and the udder thoroughly with a paper towel or rag. Make sure you do not use force while cleaning but make it firm. Then squeeze the teat gently to initiate the milk, but skip squeezing if the udder is already leaking with milk.


After cleaning, wait until the udder is dry and dip the teats in the 70% iodine solution; after dipping, clean the teats again with a rag. Do not touch the teats and the cow milking machine after this step.


Now hook the vacuum line to the port and turn on the pump. If the machine is DIY, you can plug it on and turn it on. Some machines take longer to let the negative pressure build and then wait until the pressure reaches 0.40 kPa.


Take a bucket in your hands and slowly place it behind the cow. Do not put the bucket too close to the udder because you need to move your hands and cause inconvenience.


Now grab the machine’s cla and hold it under the cow’s udder. The milk hose should be pointed to the claw’s front. The machine’s claw collects the milk from the teats and moves the milk to the sealed bucket through the pipe. Ensure the claw cups are put in properly, and avoid twisting the pipes.

Portable Milking Machine

Check carefully whether the pulsator is clicking by properly opening the vacuum to the claw. The ticking should be once every half to the three-quarter per second. There is no need to listen longer; you must maintain the teat cups without falling out.


The next step is adding the teat cups to the teat one after another. First, start from behind, right to left, and continue to the front. Take only a short time because the cup can lose suction.


Observe that the milk flows well into the bucket from the Cow Milking Machine if everything is going well, back off from the cow.


Remove the cups from the teats after getting enough milk, and the milk flow slows. You can remove them by kinking the hose and claws, and the cups will easily fall out.

Some large milking machines have automatic systems where the cups fall out immediately after some time.


After removing the cups, turn off the machine and remove the bucket lid. You can pour the milk into other buckets or containers to store them. After milking from one cow, you can continue the same process for other cows on the farm.


Now, clean the machine after milking using the cleaning solution. Take a pail of water with some cleaning solution, open the suction cups so the water goes to the pipes, and thoroughly clean the machine. Please wait until the pail is empty, then clean it with clean water.


Finally, place the machine in a dry place and use it for another use.


You can follow a few tips to maintain the cow milking machine longer. They are,

  • Ensure you clean the udder neatly before and after milking from the clean. This helps to clean the dirt and other particles from the udder.
  • Feed the cow with grass to keep it quiet so it won’t get stressed.
  • It would help to feed the cow with grains and pallets to keep them healthy.
  • Treat the cow carefully and do not hurt them.


Cow’s milk is one of the healthiest, and you can get them in two ways: milking in two ways. One is by hand and another one by machine. You can milk them by hand, but it is harder than machines because of the physical work. The easiest way is my machines. There are three types of machines: portable milking machines, barn milking systems, and milking parlors. You must follow the steps below while using the machine to get the milk in the above article.


What is a cow milking machines used for?

These machines are used to get the milk from the cows without any burden.

Can we feed the cow while milking?

The smartest way to keep the cow calm while milking is by feeding them.

How much time will it take to get the milk from the cows?

It will take 5-7 minutes to get the milk from a single cow.

Are milking machines safe for cows?

It is safe for cows and doesn’t hurt while they get the milk. Hurt while getting the milk from them.

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