A Guide to the Best Electric Fence Tester

Are you tired of selecting the best electric fence tester for your electric fencing? This article helps you by giving the details about some of the best testers. It has all the importance, types, and details of the testers so that you can choose among them as per your choice.

What is an electric fence tester?

While traveling on the roads, we can see many farms and agricultural lands are fenced using electric fencing. This electric fencing needs continuous observation and detection.

The fencers always have voltage, current, power issues, and many other problems. So, an electric fence tester is used to check the voltage, short circuits, etc.

Purchasing the best tester from a wide range of products is challenging. Use the product guide in this article to acquire one.

Eight best electric fence testers:

Among 100 testers, the following eight are some of the best testers with unique features and affordable prices.

Allsun digital electric fence voltage tester handheld fence fault finder & locator checker fence voltmeter troubleshooter:

Zhangzhou Hamao Dianzi Keji Co. LTD. manufactures this unique product. This device is mainly designed to measure the pulse voltage of an electric fencer.

The electric fence tester is portable, and you can carry it anywhere. This device comes with a zipper bag, and no battery is included. It is straightforward to use in daylight, too.

allsun Digital Electrical Fence Voltage Tester

Range: This device is used to measure the pulse voltage, which can measure from 300 to 9000 volts. It comes with a warranty and helps to find faults.

Pulse rate and LED display: the LED display of the screen can show from 0.3kv to 9.9kv. The pulse rate for one pulse is 0.3 sec to 2 secs. It helps to save battery power and has low power consumption.

Flexibility and budget: The device’s design is simple and easy to use. This is used to fix the fault in the fencer. The price is affordable, and it is portable.

  • Size: 174X70X33mm
  • Battery: 9V6F22 X 1 pc
  • Weight: 228 gm


  • Remove the device’s hook from any conductor’s fence before opening the battery cover.
  • Do not touch with bare hands.
  • Always keep your finger behind the finger guard while using the probe.
  • Use the product after removing the battery cover.
  • Do not ground yourself while using this.
  • If abnormal features are found, avoid using them.


  • It measures the pulse voltage.
  • Very easy to use and affordable.
  • The design is effortless.
  • The product comes with a zipper bag.


  • No battery.
  • We cannot touch the device while running it.

Electric fence voltage tester, 12kv tester, eight neon indicator lights:

The manufacturer of this product is Doorami, and it is one of the most helpful fencing tools. It comes in blue and has eight neon lights. The device’s design is simple, making it easy to use. The power source is the battery, and the neon lights indicate the voltage.

Electric fence voltage tester 2kv to 12kv

Multi-purpose: This is helpful to quantify the voltages in the fence on many sorts of metals—poly wire, rope, poly tape, etc. Testing the fence lines, energizer hook wires, and components is also helpful.

Range: The neon lights of the tester can show from 2kv to 12kv voltage. There is no need for a battery.

Design: The design is simple and has a wave pattern. The cold case is smooth, comfortable, and doesn’t hurt hands. The point is matte. It is tough ABS but doesn’t come with waterproof features.

Usage: Embed the copper probe into the ground you want to test. Then, let the hook touch the wire, and it shows the readings.

  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches; 2.08 ounces.


  • No need for a battery.
  • It is a multi-purpose device.
  • Very simple to use and portable.
  • The case is smooth and comfortable.


  • This device is not water resistant.
  • The hooks may cause disturbance while using it.

Gallagher Fault Finder:

The manufacturer of this product is Gallagher. This is helpful, and these devices can help identify and locate faults. It is available in a pocket size that is easy to carry anywhere. It displays the current flow’s direction, making it easier to find the fault.

Gallagher Fault Finder

Time saver: This device saves hours for finding the fault by finding it immediately. This device works even if the battery is in power-saving mode.

Display range: The LED displays from 10kv to 12kv of voltage under 1000 increments; for 100 increments, it is 10kv.

Auto-turn-on: This device has an auto-turn-on indication that displays the voltage when a low voltage is in the fence. It is portable, rugged, and waterproof.

Lifespan: This tester has a 6-12 month life span with the battery, which is replaceable by a 9v storm.

  • Battery: 1CR2 batteries
  • Dimensions: 3 x 5 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 70 ounces.


  • This device saves time.
  • Pocket size and carry anywhere.
  • The electric fence tester is portable and water-resistant.
  • It can find the fault in the fence quickly.


  • It only works on specific batteries.
  • It has a life span of only 6-12 months.
  • The device may slow down sometimes.

FenceMate Digital volt meter for an electric fence:

This digital voltmeter displays a wide range of voltage on it. This product is manufactured by FenceMate, which is very useful and straightforward.

Digital Voltage Meter
  • The voltage display range is up to 19,000 volts, one of the largest displays, and a battery powers it.
  • It is a digital device. These testers come in red and black colors.
  • It has automatic on/off options that make it easy to detect the fault.
  • The large LED display displays the voltage on it.
  • The concave button helps to secure and makes it to have comfortable operations.
  • The battery is replaceable with a 9v battery.
  • It is sturdy, easy to use, and molded in engineering-grade ABS.


  • The device is very sturdy and has a replaceable battery.
  • It is very easy to use as the design is simple.
  • It is a digital device.
  • The operation of this tester is effortless.


  • Sometimes, the LED display needs to be visible in daylight.
  • It might have some battery issues.

Allsun Electric fence voltage tester fault finder farming equipment portable testing tool neon lights:

Zhang Zhou Eastern Smart Meter Co. LTD manufactures this tester to find the faults in the electric fence. This device is powered by solar and electricity. It comes in neon colors.

allsun Electric Fence Voltage Tester Fault Finder 600V - 7000 V

Design: The design of the tester is straightforward and looks simple. This has a traditional fence line design. The low impedance and standard-duty fence controller make it easy to understand and use.

Neon lights range: The range of the voltage tester is between 0.6kv to 7kv. The neon light levels indicate the voltage of the fence.

Usage: It is straightforward to use, as you need to insert the probe into the ground with the help of the insulated grip. Now, test the voltage levels of the fence lines.

Applications: This tester is helpful for farms, families, gardens, solar fence faults, horses, and other fencing.

  • Dimensions: 9.33 x 3.94 x 1.46 inches; 3.52 ounces.
  • Weight: 0.22 pounds.


  • It is a very straightforward way to use.
  • It is solar-powered.
  • This tester has a multi-purpose usage.
  • It can test the voltage of the fence lines.


  • The neon lights may stop working after many uses.
  • It can operate only between 0-40 degrees weather.

Electric fence voltage tester and fault finder:

Dora manufactures this Electric fence voltage tester and fault finder with many valuable features and practical applications. It makes the work simple and more accessible as finding the fault takes less time.

Electric Fence Tester, 200-15000V

Range: The device’s LED display can range from 200 to 15,000 volts. Compared to other testers, it shows a high voltage range.

Battery: The device runs with a 9v battery and is replaceable. You need to use a 9v battery-protected ABS case for the tester. This tester is helpful for farms, families, gardens, sheep, horses, pets, and other livestock fences.

Ground rod: The voltage tester has a ground rod that helps find the fault without fuss. You can insert the probe into the ground and clam the fencing strip or wire to check the voltage.

Night use: This product is helpful during the daytime and shows the readings on display during the night, too.

Time-saving: The entire process is simple and fast, and you can measure the voltage, current, joules, and direction to find the fault in the electric fencer. This helps measure the voltage for any metal, poly wire, poly tap, etc.

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches; 7.84 ounces.


  • The LED display shows the values both day and night.
  • This tester can operate under any conditions.
  • It can test the voltage of the fence lines and other materials, too.
  • This device is a multi-purpose device that works perfectly.


  • The LED display may show some wrong values.
  • It can operate only with a 9v batter.

Mingya 12kv Fence tester voltage meter:

The manufacturer of this product is Mingya, and it is effortless to carry and use. This voltage tester is available in black color, and the power source of this tester is corded electric.

Mingya Digital Fence Testing tool

Used for: This device is helpful for many kinds of metals, poly wires, poly tapes, ropes, etc., and many other materials. It is not only for testing the voltage. Still, it is also helpful for testing the fence lines, energizers, and ground systems to determine whether they have any faults.

Display range: The display range of the device is 2kv to 12kv. The voltage range will display whenever there is a change.

Design: The design of the Mingya electric fence tester is straightforward, and it has a recess on both sides, making it comfortable to hold the device. The outer case of the tester is comfortable and doesn’t hurt. The case has matte casting and a durable ABC case. It can withstand cold weather, but it is not waterproof.

Easy to use: the tester is very easy to use by inserting the probe into the ground. Then, touch the hook of the tester to the wire or any rope. Then, get the voltage on the display LED.

  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 1.97 x 8.66 inches.


  • It is simple and portable to use because of its simple design.
  • It is portable and durable.
  • It can measure multiple materials and have various purposes.
  • The comfortable case that doesn’t hurt hands while holding t.


  • Only available in black color.
  • It may not give accurate values during some weather conditions.

10kv Neon fence tester voltage meter for livestock:

The 10kv Neon fencer voltage tester’s manufacturer is Sunmax, and this device is powered by corded electricity. The color of the device is neon.

10KV Fence Tester Voltage Meter with 6 Neon Lights
  • This voltage tester helps test the metal wire, ropes, wires, tapes, and other materials.
  • It is used for devices like fence wires, tapes, and other grounded systems.
  • The range of the voltage tester displays is 1kv to 10kv with the neon lights.
  • It is effortless to carry and portable. The tester has an ABS case and can withstand the cold climate. It is not waterproof.
  • The life span of this device is 6-12 months, and it can work up to 20,000 times.


  • The range of the device is high.
  •  It is a portable, sturdy, and simple design.
  •  The device works on multiple materials and has various purposes.
  •  The device doesn’t hurt while using it.


  • It is not water resistant.
  •  The life span of the device is only 6-12 months.


An Electric Fence tester is an excellent device to test the faults in the electric fencing. We see the electric fence for friends, family, pets, animals, horses, etc.. fences to protect them.

Sometimes, the fence may stop working due to climate changes or short circuits. We can check the current and voltage of a fence using the tester.

Some testers also show the direction of the fault. This article gave you some fantastic testers with great features.


What is an electric fence tester?

The tester is a device used to test the falt in any electric fencer.

What types of materials can we test the voltage using this tester?

The tester can test the materials like Metals, poly wires, poly tapes, ropes, wires, etc.

What is the main aim of the fencing tester?

The main objective of the fencing tester is to find the faults in the fencer and locate them.

What is the range of a Mingya fence tester?

The display range available for the Mingya fence tester is 2kv to 12kv.

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