How to keep chickens out of the garden without fencing?

Most chickens around your gardens come inside your area because of the food, dirt, and small insects. This activity can concern a gardener because these chickens can damage the flower beds and gardens. You can keep chickens out of the Garden by following the steps provided in this article.

Why is it necessary to keep chickens out of the Garden?

Even though chickens are birds, many people keep them near the gardens. But a chicken cause many problems, so you must keep chickens out of the Garden at any cost.

They cause problems in the Garden by feeding on the plants and insects on the plants because they are omnivorous animals. They try to find food on the plants and damage the leaves by pecking them.

Chickens out of the garden

Your Garden can have many plants with delicate roots, which the chickens can damage while searching for food. As the Garden is well-designed and maintained, the continuous disturbance in the pattern can cause damage.

Because of these reasons, it is important to keep your chickens away from the Garden. There are several ways you can keep the chickens out without any fencing.

6 Ways to keep chickens out of the Garden without Fencing?

You can follow a few simple ways that you can use to keep chickens out of the Garden without fencing. They are,

Keep the Lemon or orange rinds near the plants:

Chickens like to feed on any plant with insects on it, and they also feed on oranges and lemons plants. You can save your lemon and orange plants from chickens by placing the rinds of the fruits near the plants

Chickens don’t like the strong citrus smell, so they go away from the plants.

Another way is to use the orange juice in the compost. Still, you can reapply it occasionally because the smell can fade away. The citrus smell doesn’t harm any chickens so you can use them freely.

How to keep chickens out of the garden without fencing
Use strong spices:

As chickens are weak animals, they do not like the strong spice smell, so they use spices like cinnamon, pepper powder, curry powder, and chili powder. You can use all the spices combination or a single spice powder.

Spray the spice near the plants and use them sparingly. Not only the strong smell, but they also create a burning sensation in the chicken’s feet. So they avoid going near the plants.

Use shrubs:

Planting some bushes or shrubs near the gardens as a fence can keep the chickens away. The shrubs fence doesn’t allow the chickens to enter the Garden.

Plant herbs with strong fragrances:

Chickens don’t like some scents and avoid going near them. Identify the scented herbs and plant them near the Garden to keep the chickens away from your Garden.

Some scented herbs are lavender, oregano, thyme, captain, etc. Other scenes like ginger, garlic, and pepper are some fragrances that chickens don’t like.

Make another garden for your chickens:

If you have chickens in your house and you don’t want to keep them away from your house, you can create a small garden for your chickens.

Once they get their space and food, they prefer going to other garden beds or farms to feed. Please keep them in a shady place away from the sun.

Create a brick fence:

The easiest and cheapest way is to create a brick or rock fence. You can create a small rock wall outside the Garden as a boundary.

Use big rocks and bricks and make a wall to keep the access away for chickens from the Garden. Chickens are weak and cannot move the wall, so they do not enter the farm.

Tips to keep chickens out of the Garden:

Some safety tips are keeping chickens out of the Garden and saving the plants. They are,

  • Do not always use chemicals because they can harm the plants and chickens.
  • Instead of a wired fence, make a rock or brick fence with your hands.
  • Lessen your weed cuttings because they can raise the soil and attract the chickens.
  • Always wear gloves while applying spices and other chemicals.
  • Do not harm any chickens in the process of saving your plants.


A Chicken is not harmful to animals but creates chaos in your Garden for food. Chickens mostly feed on small insects available in the soil and plant leaves. So in the process of searching for food, they can damage or cause damage to the plants in your Garden.

You can keep chickens out of the Garden without fencing in some ways. Some of them are to use scents that chickens don’t like, rock walls, etc.


Do chickens damage plants in the Garden?

While searching for food, the chickens peck on the leaves and damage the soil.

Can we keep chickens out of the Garden?

Keeping the chickens away from the Garden is easy by using citrus fruits, spices, brick walls, wired fences, etc.

Can we use a mixture of spices to keep chickens away?

Combining different spices creates a strong smell perfect for keeping your chickens away from the Garden without harming them.

Is fencing necessary to keep chickens away?

There is no need to install a wired fence as it is expensive, but you can make a wall or fence using big rocks or bricks, which stops chickens’ access.

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