How to maintain a Hand Trowel?

Every rookie Gardner has to learn that maintaining the gardening tools is very important to make them work for a long time. While planting, a hand trowel may be used, and the trowel has to be in good condition to work properly. This tool is very useful in gardening and for other purposes too. The best way to know about its maintenance is by reading the article below on how to maintain the tool properly.

What is a Hand Trowel?

A Hand Trowel is an important tool for dig holes, transplant seedlings, and doing many other tasks in gardening. This tool is very helpful for gardeners as it makes the work easier. These trowels are available in hardware stores, and you can use the trowels for a long time with proper care.

The tool has a handle and a sharp scoop-type blade, which looks similar to a shovel but in miniature size. As the corner of these trowels is sharp, they are the best for transplanting the flower beds, making holes, handling seeds, etc. Using this sharp tool; you can also cut down the stubborn weeds from the roots.

Uses of a Hand Trowel:

As a great gardening tool, a Hand Trowel has many uses. They are,

stainless steelmhand trowel
Breaking the soil:

A Trowel is an ideal tool for breaking up the soil from a small garden area. It can easily break the soil lumps and make it even—a perfect tool for breaking soil in flower beds and small vegetable gardens.

Removes weeds:

Using this tool, you can easily cut off the stubborn weeds from their roots. Cutting down by their roots slows down the weed’s growth.

To apply fertilizers or compost:

These hand trowels are easy to hold and use so you can apply fertilizers and compost in the garden. As the tool has a sharp end, it is easy to apply the fertilizer evenly. Take a scoop of the chemical and evenly distribute it on the top of the soil.

Can remove long-rooted plants:

It is very difficult to remove any long-rooted plants by hand. Use this tool to make your work easy, as it can remove any long-rooted plants easily.

Transplant plants:

If you want to transplant your plant from a crowded garden bed to another part, use this tool. Gently shove it into the soil without cutting down the roots and transplant them to another place.

How to maintain a Hand trowel?

Every gardening tool requires the utmost care and maintenance to be useful in the long run. Follow the steps to use them at any time. The following will help maintain the tool properly.

Gardening tools

Keeping the tool clean is the primary step in maintenance, as it is made of iron and can get rusted easily. Gater a clean cloth, water, and a brush to clean the tool. Clean it with water after every use. If you find any dirt, use a brush to scrub off the dirt.

First, dig the trowel into the soil up and down to remove the debris. Once the debris is removed, dip it in the oil. Next, clean it with water and dab with a clean cloth.


As the trowels are made of iron, let the tool dry completely to avoid rust. You can use a clean cloth rag and dab it gently to remove the water. Now let it dry until the tool is dry.


Sharpening the trowel is important because, of continuous usage; the blade can become dull. Use a filer to sharpen the tool. Hold the trowel in your non-dominating hand and the file in your dominant hand with an angle between 30 to 50 degrees.

You must push the file downwards away from your hand and continue this process until the blade is sharp enough. Apply some vegetable oil after sharpening it.


After cleaning and sharpening, storing the trowel is safe. You can safely store the tool in a toolbox or garden shed until its next usage. If you do not have them, wrap them in a clean cloth and store the tool in any dry place.


How to use the Hand Trowel safely?

There are a few safety tips for using the Hand trowel safely. They are,

  • Inspect the tool now and then to determine whether it is damaged.
  • Make sure to push the file downwards away from your hand.
  • Do not store the trowel in a moist place because it can get rust.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment for safety while gardening using the tool.
  • Refrain from digging into the soil with your bare hands.
  • Please do not touch the blade after sharpening it with your bare hands.
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A Hand Trowel is a versatile gardening tool with multiple purposes like transplanting plants, digging up the soil, etc. A tool works fine for a long time with proper maintenance and care. Ensure that the trowel is clean and that you store it in clean places. In the long run, a few tips for using it are cleaning, drying, sharpening, and storing to maintain the trowel. The above article has a detailed explanation of the maintenance.


What is a Hand trowel?

It is a gardening tool with multiple purposes, like transplanting plants from one garden bed to another, digging into the soil, cutting down weeds, etc.

Can we store the tool in moist places?

Storing the tool in moist places is unsafe because it can get rust.

Which material is used to make the trowel?

The handle of the trowel is made of wood, and the blade is of iron.

Is it necessary to clean the tool often?

You have to clean the tool after every use because the dirt can increases the bacteria and damage the blades of the trowel.

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