Hula Hoe | Easy Gardening Tool to Weed & Cultivate

If you are a rookie gardener wondering how to remove weeds from the garden, then Hula Hoe is handy. Remove all the weeds between rows of plants with this single tool. Using this tool to cut the weeds helps in reducing the chance of regrowth of the weeds. Read the below article to learn about how to use the tool.

What is a Hula Hoe?

Hula Hoe is a tool used while gardening or growing plants called a Stirrup tool. This tool cuts down the weeds between the plants’ rows. It is a regular hoe with a long handle but a blade shaped like a stirrup. With the help of this tool, you can remove the weeds from its root, which reduces the chance of their regrowth. In the log gardening journey, this tool comes in handy. It helps to remove all the unwanted plants, which stops the growth of the plants. It is important to get the perfect tool while gardening.

Benefits of using a Hula Hoe while gardening:

There may be other tools, but Hula Hoe helps to remove the weeds efficiently. As the roots of weeds come out while removing, the chances of regrowth are reduced. It may not stop growth permanently, but it stops rapid growth.

Benefits of Hula Hoe

One of the best benefits is that it can cover a large part of the garden, making the work faster. Using these tools reduces the burden on the back and joints of the body. It has a long handle, so it is unnecessary to bend while removing weeds.

How to choose the correct Hula hoe?

You need to check a few things while purchasing a Hula hoe. They are,

Hula Hoe

Blade size: The blade size of the tool should be able to remove the weeds in your garden. So, check the size of the garden and choose accordingly. If the garden is large, the blade should be able to remove the weeds in the large area.

Blade shape: The blade should be convenient for removing weeds. It should be able to dig deep from the roots, so it reduces the regrowth.

Handle length: The main advantage of a Hula Hoe is its handle length. The length of the how should avoid the work that needs to bend. Removing weeds is physical work; a long handle helps to reduce the physical work. The average length is 50-60 inches, and the miniature version is 12 inches.

Handle type: The handle type should be easy to hold while removing the weeds. The grip of the stirrup hoe’s holder should be tight and comfortable.

Material of the handle: Most handles are available in wood, steel, or aluminum. Choose the perfect material for the handle that suits your garden and plant. Wood and Steel handles are costly compared to aluminum ones.

Weight of the tool: It is always important to consider the weight of the tool. If it is heavy, it will be easier to remove the weeds properly. Choose the best one that is comfortable to hold and work with.

How to use a hula Hoe?

How to choose the correct gardening tool

Using a Hula Hoe is straightforward as it looks. Take the tool in your hands, hold it tight, and place it where the weeds grow. Now, dig into the soil at a certain angle in the ground and move the blade back and forth. Once you move the tool, weeds will come out with their roots.

There is no need to remove the blade; stir it again. Continue this process to cut down all the weeds in the entire garden. As the blade is large, the weeds are removed from its roots.

When to use a Hula Hoe?

Regular maintenance and care are important for a plant to grow healthily in gardening. Removing the weeds using a Hula hoe every week during their growing time is advisable.

Once the weeds grow longer, removing them can be difficult. It becomes difficult to remove them from the root. These long weeds take all the plants’ nutrients and slow down the growth of the plants in the garden bed.

Maintenance of Hula Hoe:

When to use a Hula Hoe
  • To work with a Hula Hoe for a long time, choose the best kind of tool which lasts long.
  • Always clean the dirt on the blade with a dry cloth before and after using it.
  • Keep the tool away from water because some material may start rusting, which reduces the tool’s performance.
  • To improve the sharpness of the blade, sharpen the blade on a rock regularly before every use.

Tips for success with a Hula Hoe tool:

Gardening Tool
  • Choose the Hula Hoe size according to the garden and the types of plants in the garden. For a large garden, a long-handled stirrup hoe is needed.
  • Always make sure the tool is available in your budget.
  • Careful while cutting the weeds; due to the bigger size blade, it may cut the plant along with the weeds.
  • Only remove the weeds with this tool when the soil is dry because moist soil makes it even harder to remove the weeds.
  • Don’t just cut down the weeds, but move them back and forth to remove them from the roots.


A gardener’s best tool to remove the weeds in the garden is a Hula Hoe. This tool is available in different sizes, so you can choose per the garden size. With the help of this tool, you can remove weeds from its roots. As the roots come off with the weed, it reduces the time to regrow the weed in the garden. Keep the tool in a dry and clean place to not disturb its efficiency.


What is a Hula hoe?

Hula Hoe is a gardening tool used to remove the weeds in a garden.

What is the other name of this hoe?

This tool is also called a Stirrup Hoe because this removes the weeds while giving a stir in the soil.

How to remove the weeds using this tool?

Place the tool on the soil, dig it inside, and move the blade back and forth to remove the weeds from its roots.

Do the weeds grow immediately after cutting them down?

The weeds that are cut down using this hoe slow down the regrowth in the soil because the weeds are removed from their roots.

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