How to build a Grain Auger?

In Agriculture, a Grain Auger plays a role in transporting the grains. It is a device used in agriculture with a solid shaft with a huge tube. There are some steps to follow while using the drill, which is given in the article.

grain auger

What is a Grain Auger?

A Grain Auger is an agriculture device used to raise grains and transport them to the top of the grain bin. Not only for grain transport but it is also helpful to disperse the feed from wagons. This device has a strong shaft inside the large tube, surrounded by the flighting.

The drill is useful for transferring the grains to the bin for storage, and you can retrieve the grains from the bin for further usage. This plays a major role in agriculture in harvesting and transporting.

How does a Grain Auger work?

A Grain Auger resembles a screw conveyor as huge screw components that rotate to dig into the soil. This device has a shaft within the large tube and has a flighting material. This flighting is a flat steel spiral in the center of the shaft.

The spiral rotates in an anti-clockwise direction and pulls up the grain. The pulled-up grains are collected in the shaft and deposited into the hopper. Now the grains are stored in bins, trucks, or grain wagons.

Things you need for building a Grain Auger:

Start building a Grain Auger at your home comfort without any further delay. But there are several tools and other things you need to build one. They are,

  • Shovel
  • Measuring tape
  • Black marker
  • Power drill
  • Hole saw drill bit
  • 1-inch PVC elbow
  • Liquid cement
  • small motor
  • bolts
  • Adjustable wrench
  • 1-inch PVC Pipe

How to build a Grain Auger?

The easy way to build a Grain Auger is by following the below steps.

How to build a Grain Auger

Take the shovel in your hands and lay it on a flat surface. Now take the measuring tape and measure it to the exact center of it. Mark it using the marker. , Attach a 1-inch hole saw drill bit to the power bill and drill a hole on the shovel through the mark.

Step: 2

Please remove the 1-inch PVC dill and attach it to the shovel using the liquid cement. Spread the cement up to the elbow until it adheres to the shovel. Run the PVC pipe through the elbow up to your desired height.


Snap a piece from the PVC pipe to the other until it reaches your desired height. The grains will run into this pipe after dumping it in the shovel.


Attach the small motor to the pipe by sliding it into the hole and tightening it with bolts. Use the wrench and tighten the bolts until it fixed in their place. Turn on the motor through the switch.


Finally, pour the grains into the pipe until it reaches the desired location and turn off the motor. You can turn it off after reaching the amount of grains you got.

What does a Grain Auger do?

A Grain Auger is useful mainly in Agriculture. This is a device that is helpful in the entire harvesting process. Once the grains are harvested, the auger transports the grains from the harvester to the bins for storage. Again you can transport the grains from the bin to another place for future usage. The transported grains are dried and then stored.

Tips for selecting the Grain Auger for agriculture:

Here are some factors to check when selecting the grain drill. They are,

  • Durability: The durability has to be good so it can work longer without any trouble in the future. It should have thick tubing and other good functionality.
  • Capacity: Select a device with a great capacity so you can transport many grains at a time. The main purpose of using this device is to reduce time, so transporting huge amounts at a time can improve the time.
  • Swing capacity: The swing capacity must be flexible as it should be able to transport the grains from silo to silo.


Agriculture is harvesting various kinds of food, grains, and materials. It needs many devices in the process to make the work easier. Grain Auger is a device that helps the harvester transport the grains from one place to the bins. After transporting them to the bins, they are thoroughly dried and stored. After drying, they are transported again back. The article about the drill gives you all the details about this process and building the device.


What is a Grain Auger?

It is the device to transport the grains for further procedures in agriculture.

What is the maximum angle of the drill?

The maximum angle to use the drill is 35 degrees.

How fast should the agriculture auger have to turn?

The average speed is 550 – 800 rpm.

What is the one disadvantage of the drill?

It is highly dangerous to use the device for explosive products, other frictional materials, etc.

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