How to drain a pool with a Garden Hose?

A Garden hose comes in handy when your pool pump is not working or not doing its job perfectly. This draining may be due to many reasons or damages, but you can follow some steps and drain your pool without any burden.

People think using a hose can be difficult to drain, but it is often very simple. The article gives you the detail and steps you have to follow to drain your pool.

What is a garden hose?

A garden hose is a tool used to water lawns or gardens, a flexible pipe that helps transfer liquid or gas. Like every tool, this hose also doesn’t last forever; its lifetime is approximately ten years.


This tool is helpful and used mostly in summer to irrigate plants and car wash them, which can decrease their lifetime. But, with proper maintenance like cleaning and care, you can use this hose longer without any trouble, like water leakage, pipe breakage, etc.

The hoses are in four types: purpose, flat, coiled, and expandable. Every type has its features with many unique functions. This tool is used not only for watering plants and irrigation but also to drain the pool if the pump malfunctions.

The steps to drain the pool using a gardening hose are given in the article below.

Reasons to drain a swimming pool:

Draining a large or small swimming pool can be due to many reasons. One can drain a pool in many ways, but using a garden hose or faucet is easier and simpler.

Use a hose with a wide diameter to drain a large swimming pool which minimizes the physical strain. A few reasons to drain a pool are:

How to drain water from pool
To replace pool liner:

The major reason people drain their swimming pool is to replace the pool liner. There may be a leak or cracks in the pool liner. It is necessary to replace the liner, possibly by draining the pool.

Adding fresh water:

Once you find an imbalance in pH levels in water or an overdose of chemicals in the pool water, you need to add fresh water.

The water can be damaged even if the pool is not used in recent times or long time. To add fresh water, drain the current water in the pool, which helps remove the bacteria and fungus.

To replace the pool:

If you decide to replace the pool but not the liner, then the first step is to drain the water in the pool.

For updating the pool chemistry:

Chlorine locks are common in swimming pools which causes more problems. Once the chlorine locks occur, adding another chemical to the water becomes difficult.

If you add more chemicals when there is a chlorine lock, it causes more damage. The only way in this condition is to drain all the water in the pool and add fresh water.

swimming pool

How to drain a swimming pool with a garden hose?

A swimming pool needs lots of care and maintenance to add to its life and use for a long time. Maintenance is expensive, and you can cut off those expenses.

Using a garden hose tool to drain a swimming pool is the easiest way. Follow the below steps to use a hose to drain the pool.

Step: 1

First, turn off the swimming pool’s filter and the automatic water filler valve. This is to avoid a sudden water rush.

Step: 2

Now you have to locate your clean-out port in front of your house. Most clean-outs are located on the ground in front of the yard.

Step: 3

Unscrew the cap to open the clean-out port, and you have to put one end of the hose inside the port.

Step: 4

Then you have to thread out the hose at the back of the hose. Locate the submersion pump correctly and connect the garden hose’s other end.

You have to find the deepest area of the swimming pool to place the hose. Once it is placed, the water in the swimming pool starts draining.

Step: 5

You must check whether the water is draining out into the clean-out point. Check it thoroughly and call the plumber to solve the issue if it is not draining properly.

Step: 6

The sunlight can damage the drained pool, so cover it properly or refill it with fresh water. After refilling freshwater, the chemicals match the level completely with the water in approximately one week. The water is not safe; immediately add the fresh water.

Step: 7

Please do not use the hose once; you use it for draining the pool because it becomes contaminated. It is unsafe for work involving food, drinks, or other edible things.

Safety tips to follow to drain the pool:

Some safety tips you can follow while draining the pool with or without using a garden hose. are,

  • Always invest in a high-quality pool drainer to complete the task properly.
  • Ensure no swimmer enters the pool a few days before and after the drainage.
  • Do not drain a swimming pool immediately or within 48 hours after rain.
  • You must drain the pool and add fresh water if the pH is not between 6 to 8 and if the chemicals are too high.
  • Drain the pool water to a garden so much water can be easily absorbed.
  • Wear hand gloves and do not touch the pol or other tools with bare hands.
  • Let the water in the pool sits for ten days after a good chemical treatment.


Every swimming pool owner knows the right time to drain the water in the pool. There are many reasons that the owner tends to drain a pool, like replacing the pool line, adding fresh water, adding chemicals, or replacing the pool.

Whatever the reason, draining the pool is expensive, and you can use the chance to use a garden hose to drain the pool. This completes the task without increasing the budget. Also, every commoner with basic knowledge about a hose can complete the task.

The article gives you some steps you can follow to drain the pool.


What is the main reason to drain a pool?

The main reason to drain a pool can be to replace the pool line, a common problem for draining.

Can we replace the water in the pool after draining it with a garden hose?

Yes, one of the reasons that the pool owner decides to drain the pool is to replace the current water with fresh water. The water may have excessive chemicals, bacteria, etc.

Can we add more chemicals if there is a chlorine lock?

Adding more chemicals to the pool if there is a chlorine lock can increase the pool’s damage.

How long must we wait to use the pool after chemical treatment?

You must wait at least one week to 10 days for the chemicals to mix the water and match the pH level.

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