How does a booster pump work?

Are you annoyed by the sudden decrease in the water pressure? This can be a problem while showering or washing dishes because it can change the temperature of the water drastically. One of the common solutions to increase the water pressure in our homes is installing a Booster Pump.

The article below gives you the details regarding this pump which helps before installing it.

What is a Booster Pump?

A Booster Pump is a useful device that helps increase the pressure of the water and its flow. With the help of this pump, the pressure and volume of the water from the shower head or faucet can be increased.

Booster Pump

It is always a nuisance if the water flow is low while showering or washing anything. This pump boosts the water flow so the water comes fast without any problem.

This device has components like a Motor, Impellers, pressure and flow sensors, inlets, and outlets. With all these components, the device completes the task perfectly without disturbing our daily activities.

This device has many uses; you can learn how to use this pump in this article.

what is booster pump

Reasons for Low-pressure water:

Some of the reasons that you can see the signs of low-water pressure when the Booster Pump comes into work. They are,

Pipe sizes:

Many houses in some areas have small pipes, which is ultimately the reason for low-pressure water. The small pipes decrease the water flow and pressure, which annoys us while showering.

Water source distance:

If your house is far from the water source, this can cause low pressure and decrease the quality of water flow. It takes longer to reach the water to your house from the pipeline, which decreases water pressure.


Gravity plays a major role in your home’s water flow and pressure. If you live in high-altitude regions, the pressure decreases, and the water weighs. Compared to downhill, water flowing uphill is easier.

So this can be a problem for tall buildings and houses in high altitudes. So you can install a Booster pump at your house.

Low pressure in the area:

Even with an excellent plumbing system, it can be due to your area if you face low-water pressure. The area’s water plant may have low pressure because there is not enough water also the reason for the flow.


The season can be exceptional in some areas because some places receive heavy sun during summer. This can cause water evaporation and a decrease in water levels. So the water pressure can also be decreased in some areas.

Plumbing problems:

Your house can have plumbing problems like clogging, pipe leakage, breakage, etc. If there is a clog, water stops flowing, and if there is a pipe breakage, the water level also decreases. Immediately repair the problem if you find any issue in your plumbing system.

Other problems with the water system:

Are any other reasons at your home or area which cause this problem? If you have any automatic irrigation systems installed for your gardens or sprinklers is also a reason.

Once you are off your other water connections, the pressure can be increased.


How does a Booster Pump work for water pressure?

A Booster Pump for water pressure in household usage is pretty simple as this device consists of a one-line pipe and a working motor that completes the task. The pump of this booster is connected to the mains of the water line.

This pump makes sure that the entire house is getting the water supply. There are many best alternate options that you can install for your pumps to control the water pressure in your house.

One major advantage is that it doesn’t work continuously; it only works when there is a need or when the faucet is off. The pipes allow water to flow with 30-50 psi, which is suitable for domestic household usage.

The impeller of this device works as same as the fan blades, increasing the water flow. The working of this pump is flexible for household purposes because it increases and decreases the pressure when there is a need.

Water Pressure

Booster Pump pros and cons:

  • A booster pump helps increase the pressure of the water and its flow so you can get enough water when needed.
  • This device is designed for customized usage. It works when needed and doesn’t work continuously, which causes heavy flow.
  • It is an efficient energy consuming device.
  • It is very simple to install at houses process and has some instructions.
  • This device is useful for both domestic and commercial usage.
  • You must be careful while handling this device because excessive water pressure can cause damage or breakage to the pipes.
  • It needs consultation from the plumber to install the pump.
  • As it consumes electricity, there can be a rise in the electricity bill.
  • Always have to match the water flow and water pressure pump power.


A Booster pump is one of the best devices to increase the water pressure that matches household use. If there is low water pressure, it causes disturbances while showering and washing dishes.

There are many advantages to using the device. This device has components like a tank, motor, impeller, pipes, etc., which work the best and complete the task. Read the article to learn the device’s details.


What is the use of a Booster Pump?

This pump is used to improve the water pressure in houses.

Can we install this device at home on our own?

As this device is designed with simple components, it is easy to install the pump independently.

Is it necessary to install the boosting pump at our homes?

If your house’s water flow and pressure decrease, install this pump to boost the water pressure.

Is it safe to use this device?

It is completely safe to use this device because of its design and purpose.

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