How to adjust Sprinkler Heads without a key?

Decides to adjust the sprinkler heads when they find that the lawn is not getting enough water from the sprinklers. It is necessary to adjust the sprinklers, but the key is needed to adjust the heads.

But following a few steps, you can adjust them without using a key. The article below gives the steps to adjust the heads without needing a key.

Why is it necessary to adjust Sprinkler heads?

We know sprinklers are used to water the plants in your garden thoroughly, and the sprinkler heads allow you to give full coverage. After the installation, making your required adjustments to the sprinklers is mandatory.

They are installed in different zones to give full coverage to the garden, but they may need to give more coverage. The sprinklers have a typical function, so you must adjust them according to your lawns, arc, and coverage pattern.

how to adjust sprinkler heads

Adjustments are necessary because the water coverage depends on many factors like the lawn size, sprinkler types, etc. Other factors like sunlight, grass type, soil type, etc., are also important in how much water the lawn needs.

So if you find your plants are not getting enough water from the sprinklers, adjust them immediately per the requirements. You can read this article about sprinklers to learn how to adjust them.

How to adjust different Sprinkler heads?

There are different ways to adjust different sprinkler heads. Some of them are,

Rotor adjustments for sprinkler head:

The Rotor sprinklers provide one-way streams to the garden, which are easy to identify by their back-and-forth stream positions.

It is easy to adjust the radius of the stream just by turning the screw, but adjusting the arc requires a proper process. The following steps are to make the arc adjustments in the sprinkler.

  • Go and stand behind the rotor of the sprinkler heads that you want to adjust after turning on the sprinkler.
  • The water pops with a strong force, and you have to rotate the head of the sprinkler to the left and let it finish its cycle.
  • Then apply some force to rotate the head of the sprinkler to the right until it stops.
  • On the top of the head, you can notice the Plus and Minus signs; besides those, you can find a keyhole.
  • Use an adjustment tool; if you don’t have them insert a flat head inside the hole.
  • Turn the screwdriver simultaneously with the rotor counterclockwise. Turn it to the left; for a higher arc; turn it to the right for a lower arc.
Radius adjustments:

Many sprinklers come with a key to adjust the radius of the heads. You can use this key that you get during the installation for adjustments. Follow the below steps to adjust the sprinkler with a key.

Sprinkler Heads
  • First, take the key and insert it in the screw, which is located on the top of the head. Turn it clockwise to increase the radius.
  • If you want to reduce the radius, then turn it in a counterclockwise direction. Please do not turn it fast because you can cross your desired radius.
  • Turn the screw back and forth to get your desired radius.
For precipitation adjustments:
  • Insert the key that you got and insert into the pull-up socket and wait for the sprinkler heads to pop up.
  • You have to insert the key into the screw for radius adjustments. Turn it counterclockwise to remove the nozzle.
  • Once the nozzle is removed, check the water flow per minute. Then remove and replace with another nozzle to adjust the water precipitation for low or high.
  • A large nozzle releases more precipitation, and a smaller nozzle is for low precipitation.
  • Now push the nozzle into the hub and use the key to tighten the nozzle for good water precipitation.

How to adjust a Sprinkler head without a key?

Most of the sprinkler heads come with a key for adjustments. The adjustments for the sprinkler are necessary to get enough coverage.

There are many basic tools that you can use to adjust the sprinkler head if you don’t have a key. The right tool is important to make certain adjustments based on the sprinkler types.

There are different types of sprinklers, like rotor, spray, and multi-stream sprinklers. One of the best alternative to adjust them are to use the right screwdriver that fits every sprinkler.

Some tips for adjusting the sprinkler heads:

Here are some basic and useful tips for adjusting the sprinkler heads. They are,

  • It would be best to allow the water stream to adjust for spray and arc to get the right amount.
  • Always ensure the installed sprinkler is spraying water with full garden coverage.
  • Always contact the store owner to help know the sprinkler better.
  • You can find the key replacement if you lost or misplaced the key you got during the installation.
  • Turn the nozzle or key slowly because you cannot meet your requirements.


Sprinklers are gardening tools that are installed in lawns or gardens for irrigation. This tool helps to water the plants in every season.

But some sprinklers only water part of the garden if the garden is larger. Some of them need automatic adjustments to water the plants. Adjustments for sprinkler heads are necessary.

And a basic step during this situation. You can make adjustments by following the steps given in the article.


How can we know that the sprinkler heads need adjustments?

You have to make adjustments based on the requirements of the entire garden needs more water from the sprinklers.

How often do the adjustments are necessary?

There is no exact number of times you must adjust the sprinklers because they depend on factors like the radius, type of sprinklers, coverage, etc.

Can we adjust a sprinkler head without a key?

Many basic tools are available to adjust a sprinkler head without any key. The basic tool is a suitable screwdriver.

Why is it important to adjust the sprinklers?

It is important to adjust a sprinkler head because a typical sprinkler comes with a common function. To make them according to the garden type and size, it is necessary for the adjustments.

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