Flowers to Plant in a Raised Garden Bed: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you struggling to select the plants in a raised Garden Bed? Then read this article to find some plants from our suggestion. Many plants can grow healthily in garden beds with good maintenance. Plant types may vary based on the soil type, and some plants cannot grow if the soil is clay, too alkaline, or acidic. Find some plants to plant from this article.

What is a Raised Garden Bed?

raised garden bed

A Raised Garden Bed is a gardening bed raised above the ground, with a higher soil level than the ground soil. These beds are small and above ground level, preventing stepping on the plants. You can plant various kinds of plants in these beds with good maintenance.

Garden beds are commonly available in box structures and have a boundary wall. The frames of these beds can be constructed using bricks, cement, concrete blocks, etc. You can raise the level of the beds to avoid bending while gardening.

Getting a Garden bed is easy, but what about the plants to plant in these beds? Depending on the plants, you can prefer whatever soil type and compost in the beds.

Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed:

A gardener who prefers low maintenance and less work, then try gardening in Raised Garden Bed. Some benefits of gardening beds are,

  • These beds improve the soil conditions and make the soil fertile.
  • It takes less water compared to other gardening types.
  • These are beginner friendly and make the work interesting.
  • Grow various plants and flowers with low maintenance.
  • You can keep the plants away from animal grazing.
  • It enhances accessibility as they are above the ground level and reduces the growth of weeds.

Flowers to plant in a raised Garden Bed:

Some flowers are suitable in a Raised Garden bed and easy to maintain. These plants are the best option if you are a rookie gardener. Some of the flowers that grow healthily in a garden bed are,

1. Poppies:

Poppies bloom beautifully in various colors, like red, orange, and purple. Self-seeding is a perfect type of flower for a rookie gardener. Once you plant them, you can see the plants growing again next year. These flowers are beginner friendly and grow peacefully with low- maintenance.

Water: These flowers need 1 inch of water per week to grow healthily. There is no need to water daily.

Soil type: Poppies bloom beautifully and grow healthily in well-drained soils.

Sunlight: Poppies need good sunlight to flourish. So keep the bed in a spot with plenty of sunlight.

2. Pansies:

Pansies are some beautiful flowers that grow beautifully in a garden bed. These flowers are suitable for all experience levels. Flowers look beautiful and have different colors, which adds beauty.

Water: Pansies need regular watering as the flowers may not bloom if the soil is dry. Whenever you find the soil dry, water the plant.

Soil type: These flowers grow well in soil rich in organic matter. Try to use all-natural compost and materials.

Sun: Pansies need both partial or full sunlight.

3. Daylilies:

Daylilies are among the most beautiful flowers to grow in a Garden bed. These flowers bloom in different colors and look like a rainbow. These plants are perennials and grow back again.

Water: Water this plant needs 1-inch water every week.

Soil type: This plant grows great in well-drained soil and uses nutrition-rich fertilizers.

Sun: This plant needs at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. So make sure to put this plant’s bed in a spot with plenty of sunlight.

4. Petunias:

Petunias are beautiful flowers that make your garden beautiful with their unique funnel shape. A very good plant for a beginner as it grows well with low maintenance.

Water: This plant needs 1-1.5 inch water weekly to grow healthily.

Soil: A well-drained soil gives these plants a healthy environment to grow.

Sun: Petunias can grow healthily in full sunlight and sustain in the shade. Put them in a spot with good sunlight; if not, a shady place also works.

5. Marigolds:

Marigolds are some beautiful flowers that are best for a beginner. These flowers give a beautiful ambiance to your garden. This flower attracts honey bees and butterflies.

Water: This plant doesn’t need regular watering. It can even grow under heavy sunlight. Water the plant whenever you find the soil is dry.

Soil: A well-drained soil is best for these flowers and doesn’t need fertilizer to grow healthily

Sunlight: This plant can grow healthily in sunlight. There is no need to put this plant in shady places.

6. Calendula:

Calendula is a friendly plant that helps other plants to grow in the same bed. These flowers come in rainbow colors and look beautiful after blooming. It can even ward off pests and becomes unique among flowers.

Water: Growing well requires 1-1.5 inches of water every week.

Soil: These plant flowers bloom beautifully in nutrition-rich soil, and to get enough nutrition, spray some compost as a fertilizer on the soil.

Sunlight: This flowering plant grows well in sunlight and shady places.

7. Borage:

Borage is also called Sunflowers, but these flowers bloom in a beautiful blue color. This flower has a unique shape and looks beautiful in the place. A beginner can easily grow this plant as it is easy to maintain. It is a self-seeding plant that grows every year.

Water: No need for regular watering; water when you find dry soil.

Soil: The best soil. Borage grows in well-drained soil.

Sunlight: This plant grows well in both shady and sunlight areas.

8. Sweet Peas:

Sweet peas are beautiful flowers with a great fragrance filling the surroundings. The flowers bloom into beautiful pink and red flowers. The sweet fragrance attracts honey bees and butterflies. If you prefer a sweet smell in your backyard, grow sweet peas.

Water: This plant constantly needs moisture, so water the soil regularly.

Soil: Moist soil helps the plant to grow well.

Sunlight: This plant flourishes greatly in sunlight. Please keep them in a place that has full sunlight.

9. Creeping Thyme:

Creeping Thyme is a beautiful and fragrant herb that grows like a small flower. The flowers bloom in a beautiful pink, red, and purple color. This flower has a great sweet fragrance that attracts honey bees and butterflies.

Water: This plant can grow well without regular watering. Water the plant every week once or twice.

Soil: A well-drained soil is the best soil for growing the creep Thyme.

Sun: This plant can grow well in sunlight.

10. English Lavender:

English lavender is a beautiful flower known for its fragrance and distinctive scent. This scent attracts bees and butterflies and helps them blossom. These flowers are also used in food.

Water: This plant needs water 1-2 times a week. Dont over water the plant, as the plant cannot grow well in soggy soil.

Soil: This plant is drought-tolerant and can even grow in dry soil. It will grow its best in well-drained soil.

Sunlight: This plant needs full sunlight to grow, so put this in a spot that has full sunlight.

How to choose flowers for a raised garden bed?

Consider some points before choosing the right flower for you and your raised garden bed. They are,

  • Choose a flower that can grow healthily in your climate conditions and should be able to sustain in your area’s climatic conditions.
  • Ensure that the flowers can be a great companion for vegetable plants so both plants can grow well.
  • For a rookie gardener, choose flowers that require low maintenance and care.
  • Flowers that can grow in any soil and don’t need water regularly are the best option.
  • If you want to avoid insects in your lawn, it is best to select flowers that have less fragrance.

Tips for a healthy Raised Garden Bed:

To maintain a healthy Raised Garden Bed, follow the following tips.

  • Be careful not to step on the garden bed while waking in the garden.
  • Always make sure to water plants on time.
  • Remove the weeds religiously because the weeds may take all the nutrition from the plant.
  • Plant the flowers according to their soil type.
  • Add the compost to the flower that you grow in the garden bed.


What is the best way to get nutrients to a plant?

The best way to allow the plant to get enough nutrients is by layering the soil with compost.

What is a Raised Garden bed?

A raised garden bed is raised above the ground level and can be used to grow various flowers and plants.

What kind of plants and flowers can we grow in a garden bed?

Plants like cardinal plants, flowers, monkshood, etc., can grow well in the garden bed. Some of the flowers that grow in these beds are given in the article.

What are the types of garden beds available?

There are three types of garden beds available. They are raised beds, supported garden beds, and containerized raised beds.

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