How to Sharpen a Brush Cutter Blade?

Did you face any situation where your blade jumps out of the groove or vibrates while cutting the weeds in the garden? This may cause due to the constant friction of the blade, and it becomes dull. To make the Brush cutter Blade sharp is to sharpen the blade. The article gives you details on how you can sharpen the blade.

What is a Brush Cutter Blade?

If you are a gardener, you would already know about the Brush Cutter Blade. A brush cutter is a handy tool for maintaining the lawn compared to Mowers. This tool is useful for trimming the edges of the yard. The major advantage is that it can trim the edges of every space in the lawn.

This tool can cut down prairie grass, shrubs, herbs, reeds, ferns, small trees, and saplings. But due to the contestant friction, it can become dull and doesn’t trim the edges clean. In this condition, the only way is to sharpen the blade. The article has the steps you need to follow to sharpen the blade.

How to use the Brush Cutter Blade?

How to use the Brush Cutter Blade

It is always simple to use the Brush Cutter with the blade. The cutter process is the same even with any style blade. You must place the blade parallel to the ground and adjust it correctly. Let the harness of the cutter sit comfortably in its position and hold the handle or barrier on the hip.

Every blade of the cutter rotates clockwise, so hold the blade towards the left to trim the edges of the lawn at every space. Lockout or blade thrust is risky if you use the blade towards the right side. In this condition, the blade jumps out, or there will be a sudden jerk. You can hardly face the kick out while trimming grass than saplings.

Tools and materials required:

We should have a few materials and tools to sharpen the Brush Cutter Blade. Gather the following tools before sharpening the blade.

  • Workbench
  • File guide
  • Wrench
  • Socket set
  • A wire brush
  • Clean rag
  • Enough lubricant oil
  • Metal file or Whetstone
  • Soap water
  • Bucket
  • Sharpening machine

Steps to sharpen the Brush Cutter Blade:

Steps to sharpen the Brush Cutter Blade

The first step is to prepare a perfect work area and the required tools. The place has to be fully ventilated and far from children. Do not put any flammable materials near and place a cloth in the area that makes the cleanup easy.


Next, you need to off the power from the cutter. Even though you always turn off the power before setting it up, sometimes it may turn on accidentally. Sometimes you must remove the blade by turning it up if any power might cause a big accident.


 Now remove the blades of the brush cutter carefully. Whatever the cutter type, make a mark on the bottom to fix the blade after sharpening.

The blade is fixed to the center of the cutter with the bolts, so take the wrench and remove the bolts.

To avoid the blade turning while removing the bolt, place the wood between the blades and can also use the clamp.


Now, take the blade and clean it properly. The blade may have grass or grime; to clean it thoroughly, you can soak them in soap water. Now clean it with clear water and tap it with a rag. Soap water can clean off the stubborn Greece or mud on the blade.


Observe the condition of the Brush Cutter blade because there are two ways to sharpen the blade. One is to sharpen by hand, and the other is by machine. Machine sharpening is effective and easy. You need to assess the blade to choose the method. Sharpening by hand is also effective but needs lots of hand power. So check the condition and asses the process.


Now start sharpening the blade. There are three ways you can consider sharpening the blade, and they are,

By hand using a metal file:

Take the blade in your hands and place it on the work board, and put the blade steady. The blade should not move, so use a clamp or vice to steady it.

Now take the metal file in your hands and run it back and forth until it shines brightly. Now turn the blade to the other side and continue the same process.

By hand using Whetstone:

You need two types of whetstones to sharpen the blade. They are medium grain and fine grain. The angle of the blade you place on the Whetstone is important to sharpen the blade if you use the Whetstone.

Take the blade and let the angle be 45 degrees on the Whetstone. Now you must push and pull the blade inward and outward to sharpen it. First, use the medium grain, and finally, use the fine grain.

Using motor:

Consider using a bench grinder to sharpen the blade to use it perfectly the other time. It is always best if the grinder is placed on the workbench steady.

Turn on the grinder and move the blade back and forth. Once one side is sharp, turn it to the other and continue the process.


Now you have to check the blade’s balance because both sides of the blade have to be the same. You can check the balance by putting the blade on the nail. It is balanced if it doesn’t lead to any side; the weight is not balanced.


After completing the sharpening, then test the Brush cutter blade. Trim the weeds on a patch to check whether it is working properly. Through the testing, you can change any additional adjustments if needed.


Cleaning the blade using compressed air is the best way to clean it. If there is no access to compressed air, use a paintbrush or rug to brush off the blade.


Finally, test out the blade for the last time to check whether it is sharp enough. If you find any places uneven or not sharp enough, file it again.


The following tips are useful while sharpening the Brush Cutter blade. They are,

  • Wear gloves to avoid cuts and boots.
  • While sharpening, you need to wear protective glasses to avoid any sparkles getting into the eyes.
  • Always off the power supply while removing and setting up the blade.
  • Do not hold the blade with bare hands.
  • Clean the blade thoroughly before using it.


In conclusion, sharpening the blade is necessary if the blade is not sharp enough. Sharpening the Brush Cutter blade is simple, using some basic tools. Practice the process before actually sharpening. Observe the process and learn it thoroughly because you may be hurt. The steps for sharpening are given in the article.


What is the use of a brush cutter?

A brush cutter is used in gardening to trim weeds, shrubs, herbs, saplings, etc.

Is it necessary to sharpen the blade of the cutter

Yes, the sharpening is necessary if the blade is not sharp enough or dull to trim the weeds off the garden.

What are the basic tools to sharpen the blade?

A file guide, workbench, wrench, brush, clean rag, lubricant oil, etc., are the basic tools to sharpen it.

Can polishing result in a sharp blade?

Polishing is called stropping, which means removing the impurities on the blade, resulting in the sharpening of the blade.

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