DIY Lawn Mower Repairs: Fixing Common Issues

Lawnmowers are machines used for gardening that need utmost care and maintenance. With a slight maintenance mistake, these machines can get damaged. But there are some DIY Lawn Mower repairs for some problems. This article gives you details about the problems and how to solve the issue.

Is it possible to DIY Lawn Mower repairs?

Many gardening beginners wonder if we can solve the issues with the Lawn Mower on our own. Some troubles need professionals, but some can be done with some DIYs.

Is it possible to DIY Lawn Mower repairs

Repairing and solving the issue can save repair expenses and even give you experience in maintaining the machine. There are some useful DIY Lawn Mower repairs given in this article that will help you.

DIY Lawn Mower repairs for common problems:

Lawnmowers can get many kinds of problems and also have some DIY Lawn Mower repairs. The following is the list of some common issues that you can face due to many reasons and solutions for them.

Starting problem:

One of the common reasons that Lawnmowers don’t start is because the fuel is stale. If the fuel stays more than 30 days in the engine, it becomes stale, making the engine trouble start.

For this problem, you must drain the stale fuel from the machine using the draining method. Unbolt the machine’s carburetor, drain all the bad fuel, and start the engine again. This is one of the helpful DIY Lawn Mower repairs.

When starting, it starts and stops:

This major concern can be seen when the carburetor is clogged. The common reason for this is that even after draining fuel, there are some traces of its residue. Because of this, it starts and stops in between the work.

To solve this issue, remove the carburetor from the machine and clean it. Then fill the tank with the new fuel replacing the stale fuel.

Even after this replacement, if you see any issues, replace the fuel filter to solve further issues.


You will find the smoke from the Lawnmower after filling the fuel tank. This can be because of overfilling. If the reservoir is overfilled, the excessive oil drips and touches the hot engine parts. This leads to the smoke from the machine.

The only way to stop the smoke is to remove the recess oil from the reservoir for any smoke and explosion.

The machine doesn’t turn over:

The Lawnmower may not turn over after storing due to the dirty and bad plugs, even if the plug loses its spark. The engine doesn’t start when the plug does not connect properly.

Clean the plug before plugging it and check if it does not connect properly. If not, replace the plug with a new one.

Frozen pull chord:

The pull chord commonly becomes frozen and doesn’t react when you tug it because of the grass and mud. This blocks the way and becomes frozen without any movement.

You can shake the chord hard and again tug on it to see if the blockage is cleared or not is one of the DIY Lawn Mower repairs.

Lawnmower becomes slow:

A Lawnmower can become slow for many reasons, like overuse, excess dirt, and dust stuck in the machine. When you use the machine for too long, the machine’s speed can slow down.

After usage, you may not clean the deck stuck with grass, dust, and mud.

If the machine becomes old, then replace it with a new one. If not, clean the deck neatly after every usage.

Too much gas consumption:

This cannot be an issue for chargeable or batter powered machines. But some lawnmowers overly consume the oil because of the dirt air filter.

The gas filters in the machine are to allow the required air to mix with the gas. But if the filter is dirty, there will be no proper gas-air mixture.

This lead to the overconsumption of fuel even with minimum work. To solve this issue, remove the air filter and clean it with a dry cloth. Then again, fix it properly to avoid additional problems.

The machine doesn’t cut grass:

If the machine doesn’t work properly in cutting the grass can be because the blade is installed correctly. Even if the blades become dull, they cut some grass, but this is only because of the wrong installation.

All you have to do is remove the blades and again install them properly by reading the manual.

Blades not cutting grass evenly:

The only reason that the machine blades don’t cut the grass evenly is because of the dull blades. This can be because of the continuous usage for years.

Remove the Lawnmower’s blades and sharpen them using a filer or grinder. But you have to be careful when sharpening the blades.

This to do to prevent the cause of Lawn Mower problems:

Many gardeners think that there are many DIY Lawn Mower repairs. But they don’t try to prevent the problems.

By following a few things from the below list, you have prevented the issues in the meantime. They are,

  • When replacing any parts of the Lawnmower, replace them only with the suitable parts.
  • Proper care and maintenance are important, like cleaning the machine after every use.
  • Use good quality fuel so the machine can work longer.
  • Change the oil every once in a while to stop the fuel from becoming stale and causing clogging.
  • Store the machine when it is off-season in a dry and neat place.


The major concern that every Lawnmower owner is the problems that the machine creates. Some problems require professional help because of technical issues, but many DIY Lawn Mower repairs exist.

Common problems like smoke, dull blades, sudden stop, etc., you can solve independently. All the problems and the DIYs are there in this article.


Can we solve use DIY Lawn Mower repairs for the machine problems?

Many DIYs are possible on the Lawnmower when it struggles with common problems like smoking, starting trouble, stopping trouble, etc.

What can we do when the blades become dull?

One of the easiest ways to solve the dull blades problem is by sharpening them using a filer or grinder. But try this method only when you have experience.

Does the machine stops suddenly after starting?

Yes, the machine suddenly stops when working because of the stale fuel that clogged the machine.

What is the major reason for the smoke?

The smoke from the machine can be due to the reservoir being overfilled with fuel. The excess oil drips on the hot engine parts that cause smoke.

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