How much does a Lawn Mower weigh?

The gardener knows the types in a Lawn Mower, and they weigh differently. Working with different weights makes it easy to push a lightweight one and requires physical work for bulky machines. Different types of mowers are based on their features; you can know their weight in the article.

What is a Lawn Mower?

Starting gardening is one thing, and maintaining them is another task. Many people like to have lawns, gardens, and grasslands in their houses to make them look pretty. Grass grows long and unruly without proper maintenance for a few days.

Lawn Mower

Nowadays, Technology helps gardeners with the amazing tool Lawn Mowers to chop, trim, and mow in gardens, lawns, and fields. The amount of work depends on the weight of the mowers. So choose wisely before investing in a mower.

Does the weight of the Lawn Mower make any difference?

Yes, the weight of the lawn mower makes a difference because it is always easy to push a lightweight mower. A bulky tool needs lots of physical work and maintenance.

Some of the factors where the weight of the mower matters are:

  • The weight matters when you want to push and transport the mower from one place to another.
  • The tools’ Storage space differs from the weight because a bulky one needs lots of space for storage.
  • The weight of the mowers is one of the important factors, and the stability also depends on the weight of the tools.
  • You can work with lightweight tools easily.

Weight of Lawn Mower:

Weight of Lawn Mower

The weight of the Lawn Mower varies according to its type. There are various kinds of mowers, and their weights are,

Electric mower weight:

The electric mowers are the lightweight mowers available and are lighter than their gasoline or battery-powered counterparts. These are light in weight because it has no fuel tank for excess weight.

One of the best electric mowers is Greenworks, which weighs only 37 lbs. This tool has many amazing features and has a 10-amp motor. This mower suits small gardens and fields and is adjustable up to 7 inches tall.

Gas mowers:

Gas mowers fall into bulky mowers as they weigh more than gasoline and have fuel tanks, adding weight. Most the gas mower’s average weight is 80 – 90 pounds.

Yard Machines gas mowers are one of the best gas mowers available. Their average weight is 47 lbs, and they are lightweight gas mowers. This tool is suitable for small farms you can maintain independently.

Cordless mowers:

The Cordless mowers are push mowers that are lighter than the original gas mowers. Their average weight is between 40 to 110 lbs. This Lawn Mower works with batteries, doesn’t weigh more, and easily tucks into the machine.

The Worx Cordless mowers are one of the lightest mowers available in cordless mowers with less than 40 lbs. These tools come with a portable charger and a battery that doesn’t add any additional weight.

This device has a battery indicator to check the power at any time. It is designed as a cut-to-edge design. It can trim the grass in the garden and farms.

Riding Lawn Mower:

The riding lawn mower is similar to the tractor because of its many features, and is one of the heaviest mowers. This mower has huge wheels to push the tool easily, and the weight is added because of these wheels.

The average weight of the Riding mowers available is between 300 lbs to 600 lbs. Even with the heavy weight, you can easily use this machine just by sitting on it.

Zero Turn mower:

A Zero Turn mower is a tractor-type mower, and most of its weight is high due to its huge wheels. Additional weight is also due to its fuel tank, large cutting decks, and other features.

The average weight is between 700 lbs to 1500 lbs which is heavy, but you can use it by riding on it.


A Lawn Mower is a gardening tool or machine used to trim grass patches in gardens, farms, and fields. There are different mowers, and they vary according to their features and weight. A lightweight mower is easier to handle and push than a heavier one.

You must be careful while purchasing the machine because you have to get it as per the garden or farm size. A big farm needs a heavier one, and the work is done with a lighter one for small farms.


What is the average weight of the Riding mower?

The average weight of a riding lawn mower is between 300 lbs to 600 lbs.

What can the maximum weight of a mower?

The heaviest mower can be up to 2000 lbs which can be used by riding on the machine.

What is the average weight of a cordless mower?

The average weight is between 40 – 110 lbs for cordless mowers.

Does a small farm need zero turn mower?

There is no need for a zero-turn mower if you have a small lawn or farm. You can do your work with electric or gas mowers.

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