How to make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster?

Every lawn owner always wants a lawn mower that completes the work fast. But due to the regular usage, the machines become slow and takes soo much time to complete the job. A Hydrostatic lawn mower can be the best option for you to complete the work for large lawns in no time. You can make this machine work faster in a few ways, as in the article below.

What is a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower?

A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower is one of the most efficient types of Lawnmower that utilizes hydrostatic transmission rather than gears and belts.

‘Hydro’ means liquid, and ‘Static’ means motion indicating a fluid ride. Many kinds of lawnmowers are available in the market, like pushing, riding, sit-on, gas, electric, etc.

Maintenance tips for Hydrostatic Lawnmowers

They are classified into the three most common types Manual, Automatic, and Hydrostatic. It has two major parts hydraulic pump and a motor.

The machine transfers the power from the main engine to the other system parts using the oil. Completing our work with this machine is easy but expensive and needs careful maintenance.

Why is it necessary to make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower fast?

A hydrostatic lawn mower is one of the most efficient mowers in lawnmowers, with an average speed of 5-6 mph. This helps complete the task fast, but this speed is not flexible to complete the work for a large lawn.

Completing large lawns with this average speed takes at least one day. Improving the speed of the machine helps complete the task faster than typical mowers.

In this article, here are a few methods you can follow so the speed of the mowers can be increased by 2-3 mph. As we increase the speed, the task will be completed faster for large fields.

Ways to make Hydrostatic Lawn Mower speed:

By following the below ways, you can make the Hydrostatic Mower speed. They are,

hydrostatic lawn mower
1. Replace small tires with bigger tires:

Most lawnmowers come with smaller tires. You can replace smaller tires with bigger ones to make the machine efficient.

With the help of the big tires, the machine can cover the larger circumference and complete the task within no time. Remember that do not replace with very big tires because it doesn’t cut the grass efficiently.

2. Remove the governor: 

The basic Lawnmower has a fixed cover with a certain torque and motor rpm. Removing this governor increases the engine torque with the motor rpm. This makes the machine work efficiently and faster. Please read the manual to know its location and how to deal with it.

3. Use sharp blades:

As you use the blades continuously, the blades lose their sharpness. If the sharpness is decreased, then cutting the grass becomes easier. If you find the blades dull, sharpen them so you can cut the grass faster.

4. Install a bigger pulley:

Another way to make the Hydrostatic lawn mower speed is by installing a bigger pulley to the machine. Once you replace the pulley, using the machine will be easy, and completes the work fast.

But, the replacement of the pulley is more complex than other modifications. You have to find a compatible pulley with a good hydrostatic transaxle model.

Upgrading the pulley at once is not a good idea; upgrade them gradually. Upgrade it from 3 to 3.5 and then to 4 gradually.

5. Remove the unnecessary attachments:

The Lawnmower has many attachments, which could be more useful and necessary for working. Consult a manual and remove the attachments if you find them unnecessary.

If there are any non-essential parts, they will make the machine less efficient and decreases the speed.

6. Use good fuel:

Using powerful fuel for the mowers can make them more efficient and make the machine work faster. The fuels with high octane numbers are powerful, and you can use these fuels in the machine.


Maintenance tips for Hydrostatic Lawnmowers:

A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower works efficiently with proper maintenance. You can follow some of the following tips to make the lawn mower speed.

  • Change the engine oil regularly and use high-quality oil to make it more comfortable.
  • Always make sure that the tire conditions are good and that they are working well.
  • Change the batteries regularly, showing a major difference and improving electric power.
  • You have to check the machine thoroughly to find any damages and leakages. If you find any, repair them immediately.
  • Using a high amount of oil is not helpful. Rather, use the right amount of oil which makes it the best. 
  • Clean the underside of the Lawnmower with a clean rag to remove the dirt and debris that are attracted from the garden with continuous usage.


A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower is a machine used on a large lawn to trim the grass. With many features, this machine makes the lawn owner’s work easier and faster.

But with continuous usage and no proper maintenance, the speed can decrease. If the speed increases, you can complete the task faster, even in half a day for large lawns. You can improve the Lawnmower’s speed in a few ways.


What are some reasons for hydrostatic transmission to slow down?

Some common reasons are that any parts are damaged, less fuel, leakages, broken hose, etc., for hydrostatic transmission slow down.

Are Hydrostatic lawnmowers better than a regular mower?

Yes, a Hydrostatic mower works more efficiently and powerfully than a regular mower.

Are there any disadvantages to Hydrostatic lawnmowers?

The major disadvantage is that they are expensive as highly efficient parts are used.

Which system controls the speed of a mower?

The governor system plays a major role in the speed of the mower.

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