Lawn Mower vs. Grass Trimmer: Which One Should You Use

Do you need clarification on using a Lawn Mower or a Grass trimmer, which are gardening tools? Even though these are both gardening tools, they have two different functions.

Lawnmowers are to cut the large yards, and trimmers are to trim the grass from the edges. You can learn about both tools and which are the best to use from this article.

Overview of a grass trimmer:

A grass trimmer is a machine and a gardening tool to trim the grass evenly with the help of its sharp strings.

The strings of the trimmer rotate with more speed when we turn on the machine. These strings act as blades that are sharp enough to trim the grass.

Gardening Tool

There are two types of trimmers which are gas-powered and electric. Most people choose gas-powered trimmers because they don’t have cords, making them easy to move.

This machine cuts the grass evenly and cuts the fence, edges, and even the weeds. You can opt for electric machines if you do not prefer gas-powered trimmers.

  • The average types of motors are available in lightweight, which makes it easy to move around.
  • One of the major advantages of this machine is that it can cut grass from very tight edges.
  • Additional attachments, like brush cutters, edgers, etc., can change the function.
  • Using this machine makes the work easier.
  • Trimmers have a limited width, making it difficult to trim large yards.
  • Using this machine to trim grass needs lots of physical work.

Overview of Lawnmowers:

Lawnmowers are the most commonly used machine to trim grass in large areas. This machine is available in gas-powered, push mowers, ride-on mowers, cylindrical mowers, etc.

Every type has its versatile functions. The lawnmowers have blades attached to the front, so they cut the grass while moving.

Some types of mowers even collect the grass in the collector, which is impossible for a grass trimmer.


The push mower is used to trim smaller yards, and a ride-on mower is best for larger areas. This machine works as we turn it on.

Then the blades rotate around the garden to trim the grass. It cuts the grass evenly, at the same lengths, making the garden look neat.

  • This is the best machine to maintain an evenly-looked garden.
  • There are different options available for a gardener based on the yard sizes.
  • Completes the task easily, even if human intervention is needed.
  • This machine can cover larger areas in a short time.
  • It is challenging to trim the tight edges with the help of lawnmowers.
  • Lawnmowers are comparatively more expensive than grass trimmers.
  • Some types of lawnmowers are not eco-friendly.
  • This causes a huge disturbance to the neighbors as this machine produces loud noises.

Grass trimmer Vs. Lawnmower:

The most important point is that choosing between a Grass trimmer and Lawnmower is a personal preference.

This is because, even though the functions of these two machines are similar in description, there are some differences between them.

A Lawnmower can cover larger areas but not cut the grass from tight spots. This can be done only by a trimmer.

Both machines need much maintenance and care as they can damage without care. This machine can remove the weeds from the lawn and also make the pests and insects go away.

The major difference between these two machines is that the lawnmowers are efficient, effective, and can reduce physical work.

At the same time, a trimmer needs lots of physical work and is less efficient than a lawnmower. Lawnmowers have a height adjustment feature that allows you to cut the grass at the same height.

Ultimately, Lawnmowers are the best option for investing in gardening because of their features. A Lawnmower can do the work of a trimmer.

But the vice-versa is not possible. So, choose a lawnmower if you struggle between a Lawnmower and a trimmer.

Things to notice to choose between a grass trimmer and Lawnmower:

Some of the important things that you have to keep in mind when choosing between a lawnmower or grass trimmer are,

  • You have to check the size of the yard and choose according to the physical work needed to trim the grass.
  • The type of grass grows in your land because some trimmers cannot trim strong grass types.
  • If you want a manicured and even look, then opt for a lawnmower instead of trimmers.
  • Choose according to your budget and personal preference.
  • A lawnmower only comes in handy if the area is small and has many tight edges.
  • You have to keep in mind the machine’s storage space because of the size differences.


A grass trimmer is a machine used to trim the grass from tight spots in a yard. A lawnmower is a machine that helps to trim the grass evenly. For larger areas, the major difference between these two machines is the area they can trim.

Lawnmowers are expensive compared to trimmers as they are larger and have many additional features. The best tool you can choose to trim the garden is a lawnmower.


What is the main advantage of using a lawnmower?

With the help of a lawnmower, you can trim the grass evenly and neatly, even for larger areas of the yard.

Can a lawnmower cut the grass from tight edges?

A lawnmower cannot trim the grass from a tight spot; instead, use a grass trimmer.

Which machine is more expensive, a lawnmower or a trimmer?

Lawnmowers are expensive compared to trimmers because of their features and size.

Which is the best machine to trim the grass?

Even though trimmers can trim the garden even from tight spots, a lawnmower has many additional benefits.

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