How does a Wood chipper work?

When there is necessary to cut down a huge wood block into small chips or pieces, a wood chipper comes in need. This machine chips the wood into wood chips or sawdust during recycling or manufacturing procedures.

This is useful for agriculture and industrial uses. The typical industrial wood chippers come with many internal parts. You can read this article to learn about the work of woodchippers.

What is a Wood chipper?

Wood Chipper is a machine that cuts a huge wood block or tree into small chips for other purposes. The fallen tree or other wood is cut down by putting it in the wood chippers.

This machine cuts the wood into small wood chips that can be recycled. Many people buy the chippers for other purposes, but you can rent them occasionally.

The models of the chippers are divided based on size, price, and functions. Most industrial machines are used for huge woods, and the capacity of the machines is large. You can learn more about the machines below from the article.

Types of Wood chippers:

A few types of wood chippers divide into their functions and other characteristics. They are,

High-Torque rollers:

The high-torque rollers are the machines that are best for residential uses because they work at low-speed and produce less noise. They have some additional features like anti-jamming factors, and they are self-feeding.

Drum wood shedder:

The drum wood chipper or shedder is a large wood cutter machine with a drum in the center, drawing the wood.

Once the drum draws the wood, then it immediately chips down the wood as they are very fast. With their very fast work, they are equally loud.

Wood chipper

As this machine is huge and cuts down fast, keep your distance from the machine. If there is any piece of cloth stuck with the machine, it can lead to accidents and deaths.

Disc chipper:

As its name itself, the disc chipper comes with a disc and blade attached to it. These blades are steel, and the hooper draws wood into the machine through the hydraulic wheels.

Once the wood meets the rotating wheel, then it cuts down the wood into chips.

How does a Wood chipper work?

Whatever the Wood chipper model is, every chipper has the basic function of cutting down the wood into chips. Every machine has its own engine or electric motor, which works as a powerhouse.

The blades have pulleys, which are useful to control the speed of the blades. The V-belt of the machine is to transmit the power to the machine.

What is a Wood chipper

A typical chipper has two chutes classified based on wood cutting. The first chut cuts the wood into two parts, and the secondary chut has additional blades to cut the two halves into small chutes.

The first cut is smaller, and the second is a larger chut. The blades and their functions vary based on the type of wood chippers. Some blades are thicker, and some are comparatively thin.

As the blade’s thickness increases, the workload also increases. For rotating blades, wood is cut into many pieces several times. Some machines draw the wood independently, and some need to put the wood manually.

Once the wood is near the blades, the wood gets chipped down into pieces or sawdust.

Tips to follow while using a wood chipper:

A Wood chipper is a machine that is prone to many accidents. You have to follow some careful steps to avoid accidents. They are,

  • Do not put your bare hands near the blades of the machine.
  • Make sure to check that there is no cloth near the blades.
  • Get the machine based on its function and your necessity.
  • Use a low-speed machine for residential purposes because they produce less noise.
  • Do not allow kids near the machine as it is very dangerous.


A Wood chipper is a machine that makes a huge piece of wood into small chips or sawdust. The output wood is recyclable or useful for other manufacturers.

Several types of chippers divide based on their function and features. You have to select the machine wisely based on its functionality.

The chipper works once it gets the wood to cut. The blades of the machine make a huge wood block into chips.


What is a wood chipper?

Wood chippers make a wood block into wood chips or sawdust using the machine’s blades.

What are the types of wood chippers?

There are several types of wood chippers. Some of them are high-torque rollers, drum chippers, and disc chippers.

What are the best residential wood chippers?

The high-torque rollers are the best residential chippers that work at low-speed and produce less noise.

Are wood chippers dangerous?

These machines have functioning blades that are sharp enough to harm a person. Be careful with the machine and stay away from the blades.

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