How to use Sonkir soil pH meter

If you are a gardener, you know that soil needs a pH check. Sonkir soil pH meter is a tool used to check the pH levels in the ground.

Suppose you got one for your soil test but needed to learn how to use it. This article helps you to teach you how to use this meter.

What is the Sonkir Soil pH meter?

Sokir Soil pH meter is a tool that comes in handy for a gardener to check the moisture levels, pH levels, sunlight levels, and other things in the soil.

What is the Sonkir Soil pH meter

Studying the stories in the ground using this tool helps you to water the plants, provide sunlight, etc., for plant growth.

This machine follows the double-needle detection technology, which gives the results faster.

It is designed in lightweight that is portable to carry wherever you want to check the soil pH levels. Most gardeners prefer this tool when coming to gardening.

How does a Sonkir Soil pH meter work?

The Sonkir soil pH meter works without any battery, as it is chargeable, and you can carry it anywhere. Insert the sensor in the soil up to 2 to 4 inches and turn on the meter.

Once you place the sensor, the scale moves to show the results, but it can show the pH and moisture levels only if it is wet. So water the plant before testing it. Once it is enough, it offers the readings on the meter.

How to use a Sonkir soil pH meter?

The following steps help use a Sonkir soil pH meter. They are,


Gather all the required materials and tools to use the meter for the soil test. You need materials like this tool, a container, and distilled water.


Take some soil from the area near the plant or the area you want to check. Remove the pebbles, rocks, dust, and debris, and put the ground in the empty container.


Now, take the pH meter in your hands and place it in the container with the soil you want to test. Make sure the sensor is touching the ground.


Let the meter be stable because it doesn’t show accurate results if it is unstable. Wait until you see the reading on the scale or the screen.


Note down all the results and now check whether the results match the requirements or not. Check whether the pH, moisture, etc are suitable for plant growth.

Tips for using a Sonkir soil pH meter:

There are some valuable tips for using a pH meter to check the soil levels accurately. They are,

  • Remove the dirt and debris from the soil before the test because it can affect the results.
  • To get an accurate value check the levels at different times because the weather also affects the results.
  • You have to keep the probe of the meter clean because it can get damaged and change the readings.


Sonkir soil pH meter is a gardening or agriculture tool that checks soil levels. This tool comes in handy for gardeners to prevent the plants’ growth by limiting the soil’s health.

It gives you the results of pH, moisture, and sunlight. The significant advantage of this tool is that it gives you accurate results. You can use this tool by placing the sensor in the soil.


What is a Sonkir soil pH meter?

This gardening tool for gardeners is used to check the pH, moisture, and sunlight levels to maintain the health of the plants.

What is the primary benefit of using this tool?

This tool gives you accurate results, which helps you to know the soil’s health, which alters a plant’s health.

Can we use this tool to check the pH levels of indoor plants?


How often should you check the ph levels of soil?

It is best to check the ph levels of the soil every 3 to 6 months because it helps you to know better about your plant health.

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